Just finished the last project I have with Bloc.io and have decided to start another project…or projects. Actually, “Commitment” might be a better word for it. As I had started Free Code Camp before Bloc my plan is to finish that and then start with a series of projects which I will determine later what exactly they will be.

Now I found some Rules located here Rules of the 100 Days Of Code Challenge, however, I will be changing them a tad listed below.


  • I will code for at least an hour every day for the next 100 days.
  • I will log everyday what exactly I do on this sheet located here
  • I will tweet my progress every day using #100daysofcode.

Now here is where I will be diverging. Rules state to push code to GitHub every day. However, that seems like its gamification at its lowest level. And while I am not necessarily against that in some instances at this time if I am doing Free Code Camp, Codewars Kata, or possibly little 1 off websites on Codepen.io then pushing code to Github might not be possible. I will still be coding per say but it may be in a different format.

Day 1, Done.

On to a new chapter!!!