About Me

A Little History

I am going to date myself a little and that's fine. When I was growing up I had started my fascination with technology first with a Commodore 64 and later IBM computers. My Parents encouraged both me and my brother to learn and use it for school purposes as I believe they understood that this was the future. We used everything from word processing programs to Zork and Bard's Tale. Both using the programs and trying to make modifications to code files.

After High School, I decided on another career path and joined the U.S. Marine Corps. After my enlistment ended I then went through various jobs that broadened my experience but was not in the desired technology driven marketplace.

After my second stint in the Military, this time in the U.S. Army, I decided to get back into Technology. Several free courses later and I enrolled in Bloc.io to complete the Mentor-driven Web Developer track.

This website is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, A new beginning. If you see something you like or want to send a suggestion, please contact me.