Bloc Project phase

I am nearing the end of my Bloc program and just when I start feeling like I ‘Get it’ with some concepts something rears up and hits me upside the head. This time it is right at the start of my Project phase.

You basically get to pick from a list a couple featured programs to such as the  ‘To-do list’ or another (Called Blocmarks) that allows users to send, manage and share bookmarks.

You are basically off on your own to complete User Stories that are listed before you. Such as login, Topics CRUD, User Authorization, User Profiles, etc.

Being left in the deep-end but you still have a Mentor to guide you and point you in the right direction it still forces you to try, try, and try again.

Can be frustrating at times but you always learn something new.

1st project I have decided to complete is called “Blocitoff”, app that allows users to create self-destructing to-do lists. This focuses on Backend Specialization with Ruby on Rails with a simple Bootstrap design just making sure I know the basics of CRUD and using Rspec testing.

2nd project I am still trying to work out. I want to continue with RoR but I think I should do something with JS, mainly just to cement some basic skills. If I do go the route of a Javascript project I believe I will try and do it in ES6 with React. We shall see.