JS Testing

While going through the last bit of the freeCodeCamp I had mistakenly changed something in my Pomodoro that was causing multiple errors. I was wanting some sort of Testing protocol, however, I was using CodePen and it doesn’t necessarily have a testing protocol. It is more of a “change it, see it” coding platform.

However, I noticed that while going through Bloc.io I did study some testing protocol with Ruby there was not anything for JS. henceforth I decided to complete a Udacity 2-week course called “JavaScript Testing”. This should help round out my current learning progression of learning more JS with the recent completion of the WesBos React course. After this Udacity course, I will finish off the FCC Front-End Development and get that certificate. At that point, I will complete the NodeJS course from WesBos.

Once done with all that I will need to decide what direction to go. As of today, I have not had the luck to find a Software Development position as of yet so I will continue to dabble in what I see fit following either JS or Ruby. Right now I am enjoying JS so I will stick in that area for a bit.

So much to learn, it’s just so exciting.

1 Week after Coding Bootcamp

The sudden realization that you have spent the better part of the last year coding with a specific timeline, and schedule of projects has disappeared.

The act of putting this into practice and continuing to work on your chosen craft alongside finding a job in the industry is more daunting than I thought. Just reading some of the job listings are incredibly deceptive when they ask for a Junior Developer and ask for 2+ years in a commercial environment with 15 different requirements, some of which I have never heard of.

Never in my 20+ years of jobs have I seen such oddly phrased listings of jobs. It's almost like everyone is searching for a perfect unicorn when it seems like there should be a better way. It is especially odd to see so many websites, that are supposedly tech oriented, not have fields for Github, personal website, CodePen, etc. Web sites that are there for newbies and experienced people alike show the projects that they work on. Understandably I am not a recruiter, nor have I been in the industry and yet it is a little disconcerting. I have been told that if I match even 50% just apply and see what happens.

Understandably I am not a recruiter, nor have I been in the industry and yet it is a little disconcerting. I have been told that if I match even 50% just apply and see what happens. However, I will be a bit picky for a little bit mainly due to being employed even if it isn't in the Software Development Career I am now searching for.

While doing that I am continuing with FCC just to make sure I have some practice and face additional challenges. I am at the portion of the program of "Advanced Algorithm Scripting" and it does have me scratching my head more than once. My usual scenario is to try for 30 minutes using repl.it and if I can't solve it using my searching skills. It has definitely been good practice to go through the MDN and Stack Overflow answers and decipher how to accomplish it.

Bloc Capstone

Finally completed the Capstone Project for the Bloc.io Mentorship program.

Actually, truth be told it was finished a couple weeks ago. However, I decided to do it again but with React.

While going through the Bloc program we learn Angular, and with a couple projects under my belt, I could have done it with that. But I decided to expand my repertoire and learn something new. React seemed the logical choice and with some basic tutorials on the net found a course by a guy name of Wes Bos. My Mentor at Bloc.io also recommended him so I decided to check it out. If you haven’t heard of him check it out here at wesbos.com where he has multiple courses. The React For Beginners course was very well done and I found his teaching style was very easy going. I recommend this course to anyone learning React and I have decided to get a couple more of his courses.

As to the Capstone Project, it is a Random Build Generator for a game called Path of Exile. The overall completed project was started with the Create React App and you can see all the code on my Github profile.

As for the completed site, I have published it as a subdomain located here POE Random Build.

I started with the project thinking it was a simple exercise and at times some code came pretty easily. I ended up with a different thought process when it was completed. Learning React was the start but then I kept seeing something and going “ooohhhh that might work…” With that, I saw a meme that everyone knows of “Just ship it”.

Overall learned quite a few things besides just React such as a Dynamic CSS called Stylus, sometimes it’s easier to not use an API and just build some objects yourself, creating and hosting subdomain, and even how to FTP. I know a couple things are probably overlooked such as the creation of subdomain and FTP’ing but it’s good for the experience.

Let me know how you like it, or if you see any bugs by sending me a note caschotchii@gmail.com