JS Testing

While going through the last bit of the freeCodeCamp I had mistakenly changed something in my Pomodoro that was causing multiple errors. I was wanting some sort of Testing protocol, however, I was using CodePen and it doesn’t necessarily have a testing protocol. It is more of a “change it, see it” coding platform.

However, I noticed that while going through Bloc.io I did study some testing protocol with Ruby there was not anything for JS. henceforth I decided to complete a Udacity 2-week course called “JavaScript Testing”. This should help round out my current learning progression of learning more JS with the recent completion of the WesBos React course. After this Udacity course, I will finish off the FCC Front-End Development and get that certificate. At that point, I will complete the NodeJS course from WesBos.

Once done with all that I will need to decide what direction to go. As of today, I have not had the luck to find a Software Development position as of yet so I will continue to dabble in what I see fit following either JS or Ruby. Right now I am enjoying JS so I will stick in that area for a bit.

So much to learn, it’s just so exciting.

FCC – Show the Local Weather

Just completed the Local Weather App through Free Code Camp on Codepen. This one took me a little bit mainly due to balancing trying to do FCC, Bloc.io, and now I have started to actually put some resume’s out.

Personally found this one to have some quirks that were…troubling. This is due to Codepen and trying to pull your current location due to restrictions of cross-origin HTTP requests. I went ahead and used a simple JSON request through ip-api.com which allowed me to pull information that was for the general area and was much easier than using the CORS (HTTP access control) method.

Other than that the App is simple showing temperature, an icon showing what the weather is doing, your location, and Wind direction and speed. Nothing terribly fancy but I think the main takeaway here is to use an API, to pull data and organize it.

The only other real big hurdle was just trying to style it to make it look half way decent. I have realized that style is not my strong suit and I will need to work on that one.

You can check out my Weather App on Codepen.

FCC – Random Quote Generator

Completed the Free Code Camp’s project “Random Quote Generator”. This was an interesting little project, fairly simple as I didn’t get too sophisticated with it. Simple bootstrap layout, vanilla javascript, nothing fancy.

My main goal was to complete this to learn how to randomly pick a quote from an array. You can take a look at my “Random Quote Generator” on Codepen.io.

After I was done with this little project I decided to find some others who had completed it. Surprisingly it appears a lot of people completed this using an API to pull random quotes from various other websites. I honestly did not think about doing it that way. I had assumed, from the directions, that it was to test if you could make this work using vanilla JS. I am not necessarily wrong as I have re-read the directions but still, it makes sense to be able to practice with an API.

As I look at the map from FCC I noticed that the next project is a “Show the Local Weather” page and you will need to use an API for that.

So at this time I am happy with my way of doing the Quote Gen and will leave it at that.