Took the end of course assessment last week and failed it.

Cannot blame anyone but myself. However, I was certain that I was told/advised it would be on just a specific topic. Unfortunately, lack of studying everything else rendered me inept when it came to certain questions and when it came to actually doing code I froze up.

Feels better admitting that failing this isn’t the end of the world. No one, ever, successfully did everything right the first time. Just have to get up, dust yourself off, and move forward.

What I usually dislike about any kind of technical test now that I have had 3 of them is the questions. Book questions are fine for me.

It’s the code question, maybe it’s just because I’m new and still learning but I kinda hate these ‘whiteboard’ tests. Interviews are tough enough, both for the Interviewer and Interviewee. I admit, I don’t have experience at a coding job as of yet but I have hired employees for other companies, trained, and even the occasional firing. And while I can certainly see that there is going to be some sort of nuance in hiring for a technical position it would appear that to me, it’s broken.

For now, though I need to pass this test so I will go back and look through my incorrect answers, figure out what I need to do in the future, and continue using Codewars and other free sites to practice coming up with simple coding exercises.