FCC – Random Quote Generator

Completed the Free Code Camp’s project “Random Quote Generator”. This was an interesting little project, fairly simple as I didn’t get too sophisticated with it. Simple bootstrap layout, vanilla javascript, nothing fancy.

My main goal was to complete this to learn how to randomly pick a quote from an array. You can take a look at my “Random Quote Generator” on Codepen.io.

After I was done with this little project I decided to find some others who had completed it. Surprisingly it appears a lot of people completed this using an API to pull random quotes from various other websites. I honestly did not think about doing it that way. I had assumed, from the directions, that it was to test if you could make this work using vanilla JS. I am not necessarily wrong as I have re-read the directions but still, it makes sense to be able to practice with an API.

As I look at the map from FCC I noticed that the next project is a “Show the Local Weather” page and you will need to use an API for that.

So at this time I am happy with my way of doing the Quote Gen and will leave it at that.