FCC – Show the Local Weather

Just completed the Local Weather App through Free Code Camp on Codepen. This one took me a little bit mainly due to balancing trying to do FCC, Bloc.io, and now I have started to actually put some resume’s out.

Personally found this one to have some quirks that were…troubling. This is due to Codepen and trying to pull your current location due to restrictions of cross-origin HTTP requests. I went ahead and used a simple JSON request through ip-api.com which allowed me to pull information that was for the general area and was much easier than using the CORS (HTTP access control) method.

Other than that the App is simple showing temperature, an icon showing what the weather is doing, your location, and Wind direction and speed. Nothing terribly fancy but I think the main takeaway here is to use an API, to pull data and organize it.

The only other real big hurdle was just trying to style it to make it look half way decent. I have realized that style is not my strong suit and I will need to work on that one.

You can check out my Weather App on Codepen.