Finding that New Career

While I am closing in on the Graduation date of Bloc, early June, I am starting to feel a little pressure to put out resumes, build a network, etc etc etc.

I hate job hunting, despise it even. So my promise is to be real and true to myself. Not hard as I am kinda blunt…to put it nicely.

Let’s just hope people take a shine to honesty…

My biggest problem is a lack of experience and some of the horror stories you hear about interviews, such as whiteboarding. So I think whiteboarding as a whole is a failed way to conduct any interview for a jr dev. I have interviewed people in other industries, mostly retail and customer service. And while going into a Tech Industry is different I still believe that any interview that is stressful will never show any person to their true potential.

Really? Why put some person in front of a whiteboard to solve a Fizz Buzz problem? They could have just memorized it that day, or the day before, or the day before that.

What I would love to see will probably not happen until such time as I can make it happen in the industry.

Bring a candidate in and see if it feels like they will ‘fit in’ to your workspace. Then look through the projects they have done (Github, Personal website, etc) and decide if they should do something like a one off. Ask them to create a button, form, template, etc.

I know I am new to the tech industry and yet I have already had 3 instances where I felt like the person was just it. Keywords and snazzy language needed on the resume just to get them to look at you sideways…it made me want to take a shower after 1 talk with a recruiter.

Well, I will get off my soapbox for now. Bloc taught me large concepts and how to complete an entire project. And while I have experience with that curriculum I am going to try and do the Free Code Camp Front End Program. This will off some additional projects such as Weather API, Random Quote Machine, etc. They appear to be fun and should be fast to code up. They would also demonstrate that I will have a strong handle on Front End dev, and lets face it…anything helps.