New Dev Environment

Before I start another project through Bloc I decided to take a look at my dev environment. I have been advised, and seen suggestions, that using Cloud9 permanently may not be the best thing to do. Especially while learning the entire dev process.

Considering I have always used Windows I decided to look into a couple different things.

  • Buy a Mac
    • Not feasible at this time due to $$
  • Buy a laptop and install Ubuntu
    • Again not feasible due to $$
  • Dual Boot my windows machine with Ubuntu
    • Strong contender but still have some hesitation
  • Use a Virtual Machine and use Ubuntu through that.
    • Tried it, and it works. With a 2 monitor setup can still have access to VM on 1 monitor and Windows on another without have to tab in-between.

In the end, I came to the decision to use Oracle VM Virtual Box and installed Ubuntu 16.04. Helpful instructions to install the Oracle VM was found through YouTube located here

Of course, YMMV and you can more than likely find many tuts available elsewhere but it was the first thing that popped up and seems to hit the majority of options.

Been running through it and will need to learn quite a few more things with this system as it is different from Windows.

Oh and it was fairly easy to install all Ruby, RoR, etc with the helpful site of which runs through, from what I can see, pretty much everything.