Took the end of course assessment last week and failed it.

Cannot blame anyone but myself. However, I was certain that I was told/advised it would be on just a specific topic. Unfortunately, lack of studying everything else rendered me inept when it came to certain questions and when it came to actually doing code I froze up.

Feels better admitting that failing this isn’t the end of the world. No one, ever, successfully did everything right the first time. Just have to get up, dust yourself off, and move forward.

What I usually dislike about any kind of technical test now that I have had 3 of them is the questions. Book questions are fine for me.

It’s the code question, maybe it’s just because I’m new and still learning but I kinda hate these ‘whiteboard’ tests. Interviews are tough enough, both for the Interviewer and Interviewee. I admit, I don’t have experience at a coding job as of yet but I have hired employees for other companies, trained, and even the occasional firing. And while I can certainly see that there is going to be some sort of nuance in hiring for a technical position it would appear that to me, it’s broken.

For now, though I need to pass this test so I will go back and look through my incorrect answers, figure out what I need to do in the future, and continue using Codewars and other free sites to practice coming up with simple coding exercises.

New Year, New thoughts!!

After a refreshing Holiday vacation, I have been thinking about the dreaded New Years resolutions that so many people make and just let fall to the wayside. To be honest I have had my fair share of doing that also…

With my Web Developer Track in full swing again with Bloc one of my Goals is to make a weekly little post about what I have learned. Sounds easy but I have a hard time expressing myself so this will be difficult to express myself in an open forum. I like to repress those feelings and stick them in a dark hole so nobody can see them, easier for everyone to think I know what I am doing….lol.

Here’s to a New Year of Experiences and Knowledge that can help me prosper in the long run!

Update on Ubuntu Noob

So after using the VM software awhile I started to run into issues with the Windows BSOD. VM Software kept crashing my system due to several errors which after much searching I could not for the life of me fix.

At that point I decided to do a Dual Boot with Windows / Ubuntu on my computer and have used is successfully for the past week. Except for a tiny issue with the Time on my computer (I used this article to fix it) I have had no problems.

Honestly, if I didn’t have to have Windows to play a certain computer game that I am addicted too I wouldn’t use Windows anymore.

The best thing about this entire situation with Dual Booting is now I have another tool under my belt. Basically setting up an entire development on my computer from the ground up. That may not seem like much but there does seem to be a bit of a learning curve from using let’s say Cloud9 or any cloud-based development service to using your own Desktop.

I don’t have any experience with a Mac but I would have to say anyone trying to learn Web Development, at any level, should really use a Linux system. This has really helped me learn more command line than the entire Bloc course so far. The simple act of being able to change anything is liberating. Also, if something crashes, which has happened more than a couple times, it doesn’t crash the entire system. At least it hasn’t so far.

New Dev Environment

Before I start another project through Bloc I decided to take a look at my dev environment. I have been advised, and seen suggestions, that using Cloud9 permanently may not be the best thing to do. Especially while learning the entire dev process.

Considering I have always used Windows I decided to look into a couple different things.

  • Buy a Mac
    • Not feasible at this time due to $$
  • Buy a laptop and install Ubuntu
    • Again not feasible due to $$
  • Dual Boot my windows machine with Ubuntu
    • Strong contender but still have some hesitation
  • Use a Virtual Machine and use Ubuntu through that.
    • Tried it, and it works. With a 2 monitor setup can still have access to VM on 1 monitor and Windows on another without have to tab in-between.

In the end, I came to the decision to use Oracle VM Virtual Box and installed Ubuntu 16.04. Helpful instructions to install the Oracle VM was found through YouTube located here

Of course, YMMV and you can more than likely find many tuts available elsewhere but it was the first thing that popped up and seems to hit the majority of options.

Been running through it and will need to learn quite a few more things with this system as it is different from Windows.

Oh and it was fairly easy to install all Ruby, RoR, etc with the helpful site of which runs through, from what I can see, pretty much everything.



1st Post on a new blog

When I first joined the Bloc Web Developer Track is was suggested that I keep a blog. Well, couple months go by and I was trucking through the program and I finally go to putting one up. Whether or not anyone reads this will be the question.

Had a friend tell me “Blog is easy just dump your mind onto the internet and someone, somewhere might actually read it.”

It is my purpose to use this blog for the remainder of my Mentorship program through Bloc as a “brain dump”. If someone finds a nugget of info for them to use then by all means, use it.