Practicing every day

During a recent talk with an Alum from Bloc I was advised that I needed to ‘Think like a programmer’. The explanation was training my brain with problems through Codewars, hackerrank, codeeval, codechef, etc. Mainly any site that is reputable, has a smorgasbord of problems that allow me to think through, and solve, basic to more advanced Algorithms.

So I made it my pledge to do a couple Codewars Kata every day to change my thinking.

Today I spent a better part of an hour trying to solve a multi-dimensional array problem in Codewars titled “How many stairs will Suzuki climb in 20 years?”

I finished it, but with about 6 lines of code. Like always I look through the All solutions and Best Practices of other individuals, and viola I see that the flatten public class method pretty much solves what I was trying to do in 1 word.

Just a helpful reminder that even while struggling to complete something that may take lines of code you will always be able to learn something from the same problem later.