Update on Ubuntu Noob

So after using the VM software awhile I started to run into issues with the Windows BSOD. VM Software kept crashing my system due to several errors which after much searching I could not for the life of me fix.

At that point I decided to do a Dual Boot with Windows / Ubuntu on my computer and have used is successfully for the past week. Except for a tiny issue with the Time on my computer (I used this article to fix it) I have had no problems.

Honestly, if I didn’t have to have Windows to play a certain computer game that I am addicted too I wouldn’t use Windows anymore.

The best thing about this entire situation with Dual Booting is now I have another tool under my belt. Basically setting up an entire development on my computer from the ground up. That may not seem like much but there does seem to be a bit of a learning curve from using let’s say Cloud9 or any cloud-based development service to using your own Desktop.

I don’t have any experience with a Mac but I would have to say anyone trying to learn Web Development, at any level, should really use a Linux system. This has really helped me learn more command line than the entire Bloc course so far. The simple act of being able to change anything is liberating. Also, if something crashes, which has happened more than a couple times, it doesn’t crash the entire system. At least it hasn’t so far.